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Energy Connections


CME's Energy Connections program is officially underway for 2011-2012 calendar year!

CME has been engaged by the Government of Ontario to help companies throughout the province get involved in Canada’s growing energy sectors.

Energy is produced a number of different ways. Ontario boasts a diverse industry base that develops projects in, supplies to, or provides service to a range of energy sectors, including nuclear, wind, oil and gas, solar. As well, Ontario's energy grid is evolving rapidly, and the transmission and distribution of energy within the 'smart grid provides numerous new business opportunities for companies.

If you are exploring opportunities in the energy sector, get involved with Energy Connections.

Energy Connections Regional Workshops

The 2011-12 Energy Connections Program is made up of five regional workshops which are being held in communities across the province. For the first time we will be bringing the Energy Connections program to Ontario's North.

The purpose of the Workshops is to explore opportunities available for Ontario companies in the growing energy supply chain. This year the Energy Connections program will focus on the nuclear energy sector and Ontario's Smart Grid.

Watch out for Energy Connections activities in your area (please click on the community name for a copy of the workshop agenda):

Energy Connections Summit 2012

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters with the support of the Ontario Government and with collaboration from the Niagara Industrial Association and the Niagara Development Corridor Partnership hosted the Energy Connections Summit 2012 on May 8th and 9th at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls.

The Summit brought together manufacturers, service providers and other stakeholders to discuss emerging opportunities for Ontario businesses within Canada's growing energy sector.

Over 300 delegates participated over the two day event. Leading experts from companies such as Candu Energy Inc, ConocoPhillips, GE Canada, and Siemens participated in keynote speeches and interactive panel discussions.

Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, the Hon. Mr. Brad Duguid provided a special address to event attendees and set the positive tone for the event.

The Energy Connections Summit also featured the Niagara Industrial Buyer / Seller Trade Show which showcased over 60 exhibitors from across Ontario. The event provided a great opportunity for networking and building business connections across the energy sector for Ontario companies.

To view the Event Program Guide please click here. For a copy of the trade show exhibitor list please click here. To read a summary of the event please click here.

Energy Connections Testimonials

"The 2012 Energy Connections Summit provided our company with one of the best trade show experiences we have ever had. EDP met with three highly visible companies all of which we feel are vital connections in the energy market. I would highly recommend this event to any sales representatives, procurement agents, or major decision makers looking to engage the energy market and tap Niagara's huge manufacturing and renewable resource potential."

- Joe DeMan, President, E.D. Products Ltd.

"The Energy Connections Summit provided us with an intimate environment to discuss our unique capabilities with a great cross section of like minded suppliers and end-users. Follow-up meetings have already been scheduled which we believe will lead to new opportunities. Thanks CME for providing this networking opportunity."

- Don Berggren, Berg Chilling Systems Inc.

"The Organization of CANDU Industries (OCI) was very pleased to participate in CME's Energy Connections Summit. OCI made many excellent contacts at the Trade Show including companies that wanted to learn more about opportunities in Ontario's nuclear sector as well as those who could offer services to OCI member companies. We also found the speakers agenda to be most interesting and informative - the highlight was the speech by Minister

Ron Oberth, President, OCI

"I was extremely impressed with all areas of this summit. It certainly exceeded my expectations. This summit provided excellent networking opportunities, informative speaker sessions, and the ability to visit all the trade show booths. Samuel, Son & Co., Limited has already made the commitment to attend this summit next year. CME and their partners should be congratulated on a job well done."

- Bill Hutton, Corporate VP, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited

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