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Industrial Exception

oCME recently played an instrumental role in securing a continuation of the Industrial Exception in Ontario. Click here for more details on how we did it and how the win impacts you.

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While the overall direction of the council will be ultimately determined by members, CME has identified five initial priority areas for discussion:

1. Enhancing the image of manufacturing

Cultivating a more accurate and positive public image of Ontario’s manufacturing sector will have direct net benefits in the areas of labour force development (skills gap, workforce shortages), innovation performance, and investment attraction.

2. Boosting productivity and innovation performance

In a recent CME survey, Ontario manufacturers cited increased competition in primary markets as their top organizational challenge. Business-as-usual is no longer enough – manufacturers must push the boundaries of productivity, innovation and commercialization to survive and grow.

3. Bridging the skills gap

Attracting and retaining the right talent is the number one factor in determining operational success. This is a multi-dimensional issue that encompasses a wide range of activities and factors, including internal training, Ontario’s education system, taxation and apprenticeship.

4. Developing supply chains

Canada is entering a period of unprecedented infrastructure investment, with major capital projects launching in every province and territory, across a variety of sectors. These projects, in addition to new expanding international markets, represent billions of dollars in new business opportunities for Ontario manufacturers.

5. Improving the business climate for manufacturers

From municipal taxation to provincial infrastructure demands to federal regulations, the business environment for manufacturers and exporters must continue to improve if companies are to compete amidst the realities of a new, global economy.



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