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Manufacturers Hoping Rate Relief Under the Tree This Year

Published by Terry Adamo on December 22, 2016

Toronto (December 22, 2016) - “We are calling for immediate relief for manufacturers from Ontario’s sky-high electricity rates and a longer term plan to use the system as a tool for economic development” said Ian Howcroft, Vice President of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Ontario Division as part of their ongoing advocacy efforts to improve the business climate for manufacturing.  “We recognize that some progress is being made and we urge the government to push further and faster to bring rates in line with competing jurisdictions”.  CME’s priorities for reductions include: 

Eliminating the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC)

Expand and enhance the Northern Ontario Electricity Rebate to all manufacturers to create a province-wide industrial rate

Offering more surplus capacity to manufacturers

Increasing availability of energy managers to help small manufacturers mitigate costs 

Allowing two “mulligan’s” under the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program to ensure companies hit the 5 peaks

Providing relief targeting smaller to medium sized manufacturers that aren’t covered by existing programs

Current incentives are helping companies that can shift their usage but for smaller manufacturers and large 24-7 operations there is more work to be done.  The Long-term energy plan is a great opportunity to chart a course for a system that achieves Adam Becks historic vision for affordable power for all Ontarians.  We need a system that encourages manufacturing production by better aligning the system to the needs of industry.  For further details, please see CME’s submission on the Long-Term Energy Plan.

Lower manufacturing rates are necessary to retain and attract investment in Ontario rather than seeing it go to other jurisdictions. 


For more information:

Ian Howcroft,
Vice President
CME Ontario
905-672-3466 Ext. 3256

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