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Pandemic-proofing your business: Are you prepared?

Published on April 30, 2009

The World Health Organization has raised its alert level to phase five indicating a pandemic is imminent. Phase six signals a global pandemic is underway.


Are you prepared? Tell us. Participate in CME's pandemic survey, today

CME is asking Canadian manufacturers and exporters how the current influenza outbreak is affecting their businesses and what steps they are taking to mitigate the impacts of pandemic. Click here to participate in our survey. Your response will be treated confidentially. Only aggregate data will be published. Results of the survey will be posted on CME's website ( on Monday, May 4, 2009.


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While there is no way to predict either exactly when the pandemic might occur or the severity of the impact, once a pandemic virus emerges, it will be too late to begin planning.


Businesses should plan for up to 50% staff absences

As with any risk that threatens the viability of business operations, continuity planning is critical. All businesses will be affected by an influenza pandemic. In addition to the threat to human health, the economic impacts of a pandemic, including absenteeism in the workplace or the downstream effects stemming from supply chain and travel disruption, will be significant and widespread.

All businesses should take immediate steps to develop continuity plans that protect employees, minimize disruptions, and contain negative impacts on customers, the economy, and local communities. Companies that provide critical infrastructure services, such as energy, financial services, transportation and telecommunications services, have a special responsibility to plan for continuing operations in the event of a pandemic and should plan accordingly. While a pandemic cannot be stopped, proper preparation may reduce its impact.

Pandemic Influenza: Continuity Planning Guide for Canadian Businesses 
Release date: Monday, May 4, 2009

Downloaded more than 500,000 times in 2006 during the avian influenza outbreak, CME's guide provides need-to-know information to assist all businesses in Canada in preparing business continuity plans. The revised edition will be available for download on Monday, May 4, 2009 - visit to obtain your copy.


As more information develops regarding the influenza outbreak, CME will keep you updated on ways to safeguard your business. Visit CME's pandemic webpage at


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