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EnerSmart programs from Union Gas help companies trim energy costs

Published on January 12, 2010

Sarah Van Der Paelt, CGA

Director, Commercial/Industrial Sales & Marketing

Union Gas


Union Gas Tips for Reducing Energy Costs


Part four of a four part series


This is the last in a series of four articles with the important message that “energy costs are not fixed costs.”  The previous three articles outlined how energy use can be managed very effectively – and costs kept down - with techniques ranging from simple tracking of monthly utility data to predictive modeling with Monitoring & Targeting. Knowing how and when you use energy and what factors drive that use will help you put in place an energy saving strategy. You’ll need support as you move forward with your energy management plans and that’s the subject of this final installment.


Across the country, natural gas utilities are helping customers – residential, commercial and industrial – use less gas. This may seem surprising but in fact, it makes good business sense. At Union Gas, we recognize how much we depend on the success of our customers.  In fact, our franchise covers a large part of Ontario’s industrial/manufacturing base. We work with our customers to improve their energy performance so that they can remain competitive, reduce operating costs and achieve environmental goals.


Union Gas has been offering energy efficiency programs for over a decade. Each year we see growing participation and more benefits for our customers.  In 2008, for example, our energy efficiency programs helped customers avoid more than 138,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and reduced natural gas consumption by over 73 million cubic metres -- the equivalent of taking almost 25,000 cars off Ontario’s roads last year alone. 


EnerSmart programs

Union’s programs and services help customers get the information they need. Customers can access historical natural gas consumption data as a first step to identifying energy use patterns. Through our EnerSmart programs, customers can get funding for studies to identify where energy is being wasted and how it can be used more efficiently. Our support for studies covers all aspects of natural gas use:


·         Total plant energy audits

·         Steam trap surveys

·         Pipe and equipment insulation surveys

·         Efficiency testing/tune-up of industrial boilers, thermal fluid heaters, industrial overs and furnaces

·         Building envelope audits

·         HVAC audits

In many cases, we offer incentives for follow-up repairs or the cost of re-commissioning equipment like building computer control systems, process equipment, and HVAC systems.


Union’s EnerSmart program also provides equipment incentives to help reduce project costs and paybacks for the purchase and installation of new and retrofitted high efficiency equipment. We even offer design assistance incentives for improving the energy performance of new buildings and major building expansions.  


Call the energy experts to help you get started

As Director of Commercial/Industrial Sales & Marketing at Union Gas, I am proud of the success of our energy efficiency programs and gratified with the feedback we are receiving from customers.  Some of these comments include: “helped us make the business case for this project,” “reduced the payback so we could bring this forward earlier,” “helped us stay competitive,” and “gave us the information to make better management decisions.”  


Our Account Managers and Project Managers are energy experts who can work with you to identify opportunities and savings potential, as well as incentive eligibility. 

If you would like to familiarize yourself with our program,
our redesigned Union Gas website provides easy access to EnerSmart project applications complete with samples. Website visitors can also access case studies that show how different energy efficiency solutions – from waste heat recovery to Monitoring & Targeting – work in real-life situations.  We also have valuable tools like cost calculators and benchmarking data available to help you with your energy management plan.


If your business uses natural gas and is located within the Union Gas franchise, contact your Account Manager or visit our website to find out more about our EnerSmart programs.  If your business is not located within the Union Gas franchise, I encourage you to check out what incentives your natural gas utility has to offer.  



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