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Energy Management Assistance Program

CME launched the Energy Management Assistance Program (EMAP) in March of 2018 in partnership with the Ontario government. EMAP aims to increase awareness and knowledge of energy management and energy management support programs that can assist small, medium and large sized manufacturers with reducing energy costs to improve industrial competitiveness. 

Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)

The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), introduced by the Government of Ontario in 2010, is a form of demand response that allows participating customers to manage their global adjustment (GA) costs by reducing demand during peak periods. Rather than be charged GA on a volumetric basis, eligible customers have the option to be charged GA based on their percentage contribution to the top five peak demand hours each year.

Ontario`s electricity system is built to meet the highest demand periods of the year. By reducing demand during peak periods, ICI participants can reduce their GA costs and help defer the need for investments in new electricity infrastructure that would otherwise be needed. ICI eligibility requirements are established in Ontario Regulation 429/04 under the Electricity Act.

To give more businesses the opportunity to participate in ICI, Ontario has lowered the threshold for eligibility. As of July 1, 2017, all customers with an average monthly peak demand of greater than one megawatt (MW) are eligible for the program. In addition, smaller manufacturing companies and greenhouses with average monthly peak demand greater than 500 kilowatts (kW) and one MW or less are also eligible.

Effective January 1, 2017, the Government of Ontario expanded the ICI to include all electricity users with an average monthly peak demand over 1 MW. In addition, NAICS code requirements have been removed for customers with an average monthly peak demand above 1 MW.

Effective April 13, 2017, the amended regulation now includes:

  • Consumers in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, including greenhouses (with NAICS codes commencing with the digits "31", "32", "33" or “1114”) with an average monthly peak demand of greater than 500 kW and equal or less than 1 MW are eligible to opt-in to the ICI.
  • Existing Class A customers who participated in one or more of the programs specified in Regulation 429/04 and dropped below the peak demand threshold during a base period for an adjustment period that began on or after July 1, 2016 may be eligible to opt back in to the initiative. 

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Save on Energy

Save on Energy offers programs for various business sectors to help them save on energy, improve efficiency and increase productivity.  

Demand Response Auction

The IESO’s annual Demand Response (DR) Auction provides a transparent and cost-effective way to select the most competitive providers of DR, while ensuring that all providers are held to the same performance obligations.  The DR Auction occurs annually, starting on the first Wednesday of December.

To participate in the auction, organizations must submit an application to become authorized as Demand Response Auction Participants (DRAPs). Applications must be submitted at least 40 days before the start of the auction. Once authorized, DRAPs can participate in all subsequent auctions.

Federal government Resources & incentives

Gas utility incentives in Ontario

Natural gas conservation programs are available from Ontario’s two largest distributors, Enbridge Gas and Union Gas.  Both distributors offer a variety of programs to their customers, including programs for commercial and industrial consumers.  

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This project is funded by the government of Ontario and partnership with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters as well as IESO.

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